Secrets to A Successful Cuckold Relationship

The bond between Mistress, cuckold and lover is one of the most important aspects to a happy cuckold relationship.  Most people don’t understand this bond, but you do, don’t you?  It’s important to establish this three-way bond as early as you can so everyone understands their role, my expectations and the “pecking order” so to speak.  Overall, I am in charge of the situation of course, and you are the cuckold, that is what we share.  Now we’re going to talk about what I expect of you now that I’ve taken a lover.  I’m going to tell you something that you might find interesting.

The Lover’s Role

My lover is there to please me in ways you cannot, you know and accept this.  His role is to fulfill my every desire and fantasy.  He is an imaginative and inventive lover always coming up with news ways to please me and take my body to places I’ve been missing for so long.  You and he work together as a team to keep my life full and happy.  He knows that while he plays an important part in my life he will never be the primary man in my life.  Because it’s you I belong to, you know this right?

The Cuckold’s Role

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Since you’ve become my cuckold you are no longer in a relationship with just me.  This is the first of many changes and adjustments you’ll be experiencing.  But the “silver lining” in all this is we’ll be spending so much more intimate time together.  I’ll expect you to help me prepare for my lover, showering with me, sliding scented cream all over my body and dressing me for my night out.  This is an important role for you, you not only honor me by your actions but you are honoring the role my lover has in our lives by making sure I’m beautiful and relaxed for our time together.

You are the key that fits the lock, and you make the whole fantasy possible.  It would not be possible for me to feel so satisfied with him if I didn’t have our relationship to come home to.  I love our time afterward when we share.  You may be allowed to worship my body still warm from his caress.  I may grant you permission to kiss and lick me still wet and redolent with his scent, cleaning up after our lovemaking.  However we choose to reconnect we always do and I cherish those times.


Have you created a sensuous, connected and loving cuckold relationship?  Leave a comment below.  It is not easy  to and I am always curious how others handle theirs.


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  • Cole

    I am not in a cuckold relationship but I do love the way you explain it. It is not demeaning it is an honor to be the cuckold

    • Layla

      In my world being a cuckold is an honor and privilege. Intimacy and passion in a cuckold relationship are what keeps it healthy and happy. A man who offers up is happiness for the love of another is far stronger than any man who can’t or won’t admit their needs, wants and feelings. Thank you for commenting, you always have a unique and valuable perspective!

  • magnus

    Hi MsLayla, I’ve stated before that cuckolding is not my thing, but I do have to say that I thought this was a wonderfully erotic and intimate post and I loved reading it. My thing is much more being a treasured pet, but I do love the serving aspect and the special relationship aspect of this.

    • Layla

      Magnus I know that a cuckold relationship is not something you desire but knowing your love of service I can easily see you enjoying our preparation ritual. In our case we would be preparing for our own night of pleasure. You know you are my treasured pet don’t you?

  • DCmike

    Wonderful Cuckold Blog! Too often cuckolding is portrayed as mean spirited. Sure, aspects of humiliation and submision are inexorably intertwined in the experience. But, without a caring relationship it isn’t cuckolding from my view.

    It is in the context of a relationship that the thrill a cuckold feels preparing her comes, the high of worshiping your cuckoldress, and the angst in surrendering to putting her pleasure first.

    Thanks Ms Layla!!!

    • Layla

      Mike you were the inspiration for this series of cuckold posts! We’ve had many in-depth and honest IMs and conversations about a cuckold relationship from a connected and romantic perspective. Together we’re letting the world know that you can have it all, a wonderful marriage and a lover for your wife’s pleasure. Like magnus said, being a treasured pet is a lovely place to be.

  • ArtPro

    Its so true that the cuckold relationship can be tricky to keep together. The way we do it is by communicating almost ever day. Doesn’t matter if its big or small we talk about it, always keep in mind that we love the other person and we want what is best for them. We’ve hit a few speed bumps along the way that’s for sure! I just love this woman so much I’d do anything for her!

    • Layla

      ArtPro you and I have spoken many times during our cuckold phone sex calls about your wife’s lover and how you can be happy being a cuckold. Your struggle to accept your role as cuckold husband was at times painful but you’ve done the work and now you are happier than I’ve ever known you. We’ve spent many a call talking through your role, how you can best fulfill it and how to best keep your wife happy. I’m so proud of the work you do, how happy you both are and look forward to our future together!

  • boitoi4u

    As always, You capture the best and most positive intentions and emotions from a situation that is generally perceived only in a negative manner. While my cuckold fantasy has been very strong over the past few years as what i perceive as a somewhat natural extension of my love of longer term orgasm denial, i am just not sure it is something i could ever come to terms with in real life. But the beauty of Your description of this type of relationship has me at least rethinking that previous position. As Rumi once wrote: “Let the beauty of what you love, be what You do. There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth.”

    • Layla

      boitoi what a wonderful Rumi quote. I put a different quote every day in my Yahoo Instant Message and will definitely use this one soon. Sometimes a cuckold fantasy is best kept just that. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be a very real part of your life. If you find a Mistress or lover who is imaginative, blending your fantasy into your physical life can really turn up the heat.

      Knowing what a fan you are of extended orgasm denial as well as how much pleasure you get from giving pleasure a cuckold relationship seems perfect for you. There are many men in your situation, they desire to be a cuckold couple, but their partner is not able or willing to embrace the concept. I have more than a few fun fantasies that can help them enjoy their cuckold fantasies.

      Thank you for your perspective boitoi, it is always unique.

  • Jessie's Sam

    Ms. Layla there are as many secrets to success in a cuckold relationship as their are people. But you’ve gotten right to the heart of the matter. Its about the connection, the respect and above all the communication. Lovers come and go, needs change and people adapt. These things can all work to undermine and eventually tear apart people who don’t communicate. Thanks for writing about cuckold relationships that are based on mutual love and respect. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series!

    • Layla

      Jessie being a cuckold is never easy but it does have great rewards. We’ve shared many cuckold phone sex calls and what I admire most about you is your willingness to really get into a problem and work it until you have gotten to a place you are sure will allow you to please your wife. She’s taken a lover, put you in the position of being a cuckold and with your hard work you now love it! You are such a successful cuckold couple because of the work you do on your own. You know you’ve played a large part in inspiring me to write this series so thank you!

  • Steve

    My wife and I have been in a cuckold relationship for years, I would not have it any other way. She takes lovers when she wishes and as the good cuckold husband, I help her enjoy it. It doesn’t matter what she needs, I’m there for her. That’s what I do to keep my cuckold relationship happy, healthy and sexy.

  • I am a sissy bitch boi type…but no Mistress in my life….been searching for her for many years now….I get close at times….or find some on line play….but personally it still escapes me…..I am more and more realizing though that this is what and who I am….someday I will be in my proper place!

    • Layla

      Patric don’t give up the search, ever! Like our vanilla friends there is a lid for every kinky pot, trust me. Cherish the moments you’ve enjoyed when you’ve “gotten close” and learn from them. When the right person comes along and you embrace a truly healthy and loving cuckold relationship you’ll be ready and able to enjoy it without the usual learning curve. As the cuckold in a cuckold couple you already know your proper place!

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