Mistress Layla Loves Porn!

Do you like to watch porn? Oh boy, I know I do! I bet you’d be surprised how much fun we could have! There’s nothing I enjoy more than nurturing those voyeuristic tendencies and maybe showing you a few things you didn’t know you liked.

Watch Porn With Mistress Layla

Everyday Porn

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What Does Control Mean To You

Control Has So Many Meanings

Within the realm of BDSM, control can mean so many things.  Even outside the realm of BDSM – so, we’re not going to talk about where Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 worked!  (Although, Agent 99 was pretty hot.  Think 99 ever said “Missed it by that much” after a . . . → Read More: What Does Control Mean To You


Ms. Layla’s MILF School of Stroking

Ms. Layla Returns

Delia, what did you do to these poor boys? They look completely exhausted…although, since their cocks are still hard, I can tell you didn’t let them cum. You made them do cock sprints, didn’t you? Well, my stroker boys, let me relax you. Remember how we started? I want you all . . . → Read More: Ms. Layla’s MILF School of Stroking


Tell Me Your Fantasy

What Is Your Fantasy

Fantasies, we all have them don’t we?  When you find someone to share them, they become rich, vivid and exciting!  I love hearing your thoughts, dreams, desires and passions.  Some of my favorite calls are with men who include me in their fantasies.  As a phone sex mistress, it gives . . . → Read More: Tell Me Your Fantasy


Not Tonight Dear

I’ve had you on edge all day. Calling you up at work and getting you to stroke your cock in the bathroom. By the time you are at my doorstep, you are desperate and almost shaking. When I open the door, I smile, knowing exactly how much fun I’m going to have with you.

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