Trained To Eat Cum

What’s not to love about watching you eat your cum for me?  In fact I love it so much I’ve created an entire blog about the subject!  Eat Your Own Cum is a blog that is full of the tips and tricks I’ve learned over hundreds of calls to get you to eat your own cum.

Cum Curious?

Want to know what it’s like?  Been thinking about trying it?  You aren’t alone!  In fact there’s a page on my blog devoted to frequently asked questions.  Do you have a question you don’t see there?  Send me an e-mail or leave a comment.  I’ll research it and get right back to you!

The Taste of Cum Scares You?

Never fear!  If you drink this Cum Sweetening Shake for 2 weeks you’ll definitely sweeten up your spunk!  I can guarantee you that you’ll enjoy this shake, there’s not a drop of cum in it and its a great way to start your day.

Face your Cum Fears

Been thinking about tasting cum?  Does the thought of it on your tongue and lips turn you on but you just can’t get past your fears?  I’d love to help you learn to enjoy eating it as much as I love watching you!  One this is certain cum eating phone sex on cam is hot!

For cum eating phone sex call Ms Layla 800-601-6975

For cum eating phone sex call Ms Layla 800-601-6975


16 comments to Trained To Eat Cum

  • Hello Ms Layla
    you have madea live audio for me but ilost it bij me computecrash
    do you stil have acopie for me?
    greetings Jan

  • Mistress Marilyn

    This rocks! It’s so nice to see some great tips on how to take the nerves out of a cum eating play date; I’m going to have to try some of these ;) Thanks for sharing your sexy tips and tricks Miss Layla!

    • Layla

      Ms. Marilyn you are so welcome! You are such a sultry and sexy Mistress I can’t imagine anyone would have trouble eating their own cum for you!

  • Robert

    I luv our playtimes and how we end each session with you softly telling me to clean up my cum. Slowly I lick up every drop while looking to you for approval.

    • Layla

      There’s something about a Mistresses’ soft voice that just compels you to do as she asks. I love to whisper in your ear to be a good boy and clean up your mess dear. It makes me so happy that your pleasure comes from pleasing me dear rob. I do so love being your cum eating Mistress.

  • magnus

    I can’t say this is something I crave, MsLayla, but it’s not like I haven’t tasted my own. I can see the thrill of cleaning up a mess though if it excites the Mistress. I don’t consider that something that’s out of bounds or too gross to do. It seems more to be something fun both parties can enjoy.

    • Layla

      magnus cum eating isn’t for everyone. And while you don’t necessarily crave it as a way of pleasing yourself you offer it as a way to please your Mistress. That’s a wonderful way to share this kink and make it exciting and fun for both of you. Can you think of a way that would be a turn-on for both of us?

      • magnus

        Oh yes indeed, MsLayla. I’m sure I’ve mentioned once or twice… or a lot that I love the control aspect and I love to please. So a sensuous theme would so work with cum eating. I could so picture a scenario of being tied down to your bed and finally being allowed to cum after some slow teasing. And then you’d have a twinkle in your eye as you presented the fruits of my labors, cooing in a soft voice about how much you want me to lick your hand clean. Oh yes, that would be a turn on for both, I believe.

  • Miss Layla's slave

    Being allowed to eat your own cum for Miss Layla is SUCH an honor and privilege. I don’t know why anyone would turn down such a treat (and she can be SO persuasive!!).

    • Layla

      Oh my darling slave you say the sweetest things! You were one of the first slaves who so willingly ate their cum for me and to this day it just gets better and better! I love how we collaborate and come up with new and exciting ways to keep our relationship interesting.

  • Darcy

    Ms. Layla I’ve been to your other blog Eat Your Own Cum and its amazing. I thought I knew a lot about my fantasy of cum eating but you really opened my eyes.

    Oh and by the way, you did train me, I love to eat my own cum now!

    • Layla

      Hey there Darcy! Thanks for the great compliment about my other site! I just love the cum eating fantasy and love sharing with you even more! You’re right, you are a very well trained cum eater!

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